The Unexpected Knot: Hexagram 25 Innocence to 21 Biting Through

Sometimes the I Ching is so accurate, and our confusion on what it means at the time so deep, you literally want to kick yourself up the you-know-what when you figure it out. This happened to me this week.

I have been working on my main web site and was gunning to get it upgraded from an old sorry state into something someone would actually read. I cast the I Ching to ask if there was anything I should pay attention to or know about going live that day. I got the Hexagrams 25 Innocence or Unexpected, one changing line in the 5th position, giving a second hexagram of 21 Biting Through.

I read through the text and could not understand it. Changing line 5 referred to an external evil or difficulty that was not my fault but would clear in the natural order of events. Hexagram 21 is the legal hexagram and asks you to take direct and rapid action. I love using the tale of Alexander the Great’s Gordian Knot to illustrate this hexagram. Sometimes gentle probing and cajoling will not undo the undo-able knot – a sword is the tool that cleaves open the knot. I battled to understand how these hexagrams related to my question. And so, being busy and distracted, I brushed it off and kept going. The I Ching would, of course, get the last laugh.

Later that day, all that was left to get my site live was to upgrade the account and reclaim my domain, which, in a bad case of admintitus years prior, had lapsed. To my horror, the domain was no longer available AND was for sale for $2875! I could see from the whois entry that this predatory domain company (badly want to list the name but have held back) had snapped up my domain when it lapsed and essentially wanted to extort a ridiculous sum from me to get it back.

Enter the I Ching reading, stage left. I groaned. Of course….The unexpected had happened and the cause was indeed an external bad act of cybersquatting. The second hexagram, the legal and knot slayer, now also made sense. The way to deal with it is to be swift in taking action using the recourse available. How evidential!

I feel quite confident that I will get it back, given the case in hand, and the remedial backup of ICANN arbitration. I have mailed the domain company, and do believe, as the I Ching has stated, it will correct in the ordinary course of business. Holding thumbs!

Update: So the I Ching WAS right. The domain company came back to me and said they would be willing to cede to domain to me immediately… no cost! 🙂 *happiness*

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