In the beginning…

What is absolutely fascinating to me is how the story of the birth of yin and yang so closely mirrors many other cosmological views on the origin of the Universe. I am sure there are some who might have other theories, yet, from what I can understand, yin and yang were born in the Big Bang. And yes, that is supposed to rhyme!

First there was silence and stillness – the nothingness, the void. No space and time existed. A cataclysm of creation then occurred – the massive explosion of the Big Bang – that put the ball in motion (and later a few galactic balls too). Out of the void came the chaos, and out of the chaos came two polarised forces of creation – pulsating and dancing in a flow of energy. Yang or male / positive energy represented the active driving force of creation or the seed. Yin or female / negative energy provided the womb – the passive, receptive, nurturing creative force. Together they would birth all creation.

In I Ching cosmology, this would look as follows: from ‘zero’ or nothingness came ‘one’ or chaos, out of which ‘two’ forces were born, yang and yin. It goes on. Next came the creation of the ‘four’ primary energies – yang and yin plus two with combinations of each other. The four creation building blocks combined, yet again, into ‘eight’ forces of change, now known as the trigrams or three-lined images. These trigrams represent forces that guide and shape all patterns of change. These eight combined yet again and formed 64 variations of the manifested states of change, known as the hexagrams or six-lined images.

It is these 64 images that provide the I Ching’s basis to guide our understanding of change and how we can best align to that change. The tool known as the I Ching, connects us to what we already know. Being part of the matrix or quantum soup, at a subconscious level we fully understand the change we are dealing with and why. Casting the coins or using an I Ching app just creates visibility for what we know and a language to describe how we can master the change we find ourselves in.

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