May 2019: Weed that Garden!

It is with great excitement that, in this month, we launched a YouTube channel for the I Ching Cafe. It has been a long time in the coming and, finally, we have got going. Monthly and weekly overviews will be posted on the channel, with a specific focus on how we can create clarity, agility and mastery – at work and at home.

If you would like to receive updates when new videos go live, either subscribe to the web site here or subscribe on YouTube. Remember to click the bell icon when you do to get alerts.

In May we are challenged to focus on rooting out decay and that means getting stuck into our self-created chaotic mess piles to create some order. Should we do this, and focus on the advice of the two changing lines, we should be well positioned to seize upon the abundance waiting for us in this month. Of course, that could mean wealth of different types and not just financial.

May 2019 on Channel

Tech Specs

  • Present or Main Hexagram: 18 Work on What Has Been Spoiled, Changing Lines in 1st and 4th
  • Outcome Hexagram: 14 Great Abundance


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