Week of 27 May 2019: Strip Away the Unnecessary

Hold on tightly…for this week, there is ALOT going on. With three changing lines, we are going to be busy and in a lot of lovely change flux.

In a nutshell, this week the I Ching calls us to focus on stripping away what we no longer need and getting to the core of what is really important. Some early challenge in the week with concerns on our support, it then shifts into help coming and victory over letting go of the past. The week rounds up with a call to feel the fear and do it anyway – take the plunge and overcome fear of the unknown!

Remember to check out May 2019 to see what the month is asking us to focus on.

For more insight, watch the video for this week…

Weekly Overview

Tech Specs

      • Present / Main Hexagram – 23 Splitting Apart
      • Changing Lines – Positions 2, 5, 6
      • Outcome Hexagram – 29 The Abysmal

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