June 2019: Even More Weeding!

I was really blown away when I cast the coins for June 2019 and discovered that we got exactly the same first hexagram for June as we did for May. Clearly, the I Ching knows something we don’t – the garden needs ALOT of tidying up.

As a means of an example, early in May I decided to get this site sorted out and ready for the launch of the YouTube channel. It was only later in May that I realised…ahhhhh I was weeding the garden and getting rid of the weeds. In business or life, this is all about getting the house in order and going back to sort stuff out so we are stronger and clearer for the next step. What do you need to complete, finalise, clear out or remove?

So in June, we have an action packed month with loads more weeding going on. There are four changing lines and this means that every six days in June, the energy shifts yet again. Hold on tightly.

Check out the monthly overview for June below. If you subscribe to the YouTube channel and tap on the bell, you get notifications when the monthly, weekly and special episodes go live. In case you missed it, I have included the weekly overview below for the 3 June 2019.

Happy gardening!


Monthly – June 2019

Weekly – 3 June 2019

Tech Specs

      • Present or Main Hexagram – 18 Work on What Has Been Spoiled
      • Changing Lines – 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th Positions
      • Outcome Hexagram – 16 Enthusiasm

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